People Share The Most Horrific Meal A Family Member Has Ever Prepared And Forced Them To Eat

Who doesn’t want a taste of a rapper’s lungs?

“My family and I had rented a cottage up near Parry Sound, Ontario. This place was bare bones (pray it doesn’t rain) basic, Course nothing intimidated my Dad *Chest slap and a grunt* and so he was cool. Dinner time came and my dad decides he’s going to do a little open flame cooking. So he gets out some ribs and gets the fire pit going. When I came to check how it’s going he’s pretty much just holding meat in a wall of flames! Rather than use coals or some other kind of heat source and slow cook, Dad decided to just use the inferno he had going. Those ribs were blacker than Snoopy’s nose when he served them. I ate them because he tried and well..there was literally nothing else. I mean look at that picture above! Is that dinner, or Snoop Dog’s lung??”