People Share The Most Horrific Meal A Family Member Has Ever Prepared And Forced Them To Eat

Spongebob was right!

Sea cucumber

“This looks like a bowl of penises. So, one day, my mom decided to cook sea cucumber. ew She cut them up, cooked them, and we had it Chinese style: Sea Cucumber over Rice. ew I lift the spoon up to my mouth…and take a bite. ew Absolutely no taste at all, and felt like slimy, hard crap. Absolutely disgusting.”

Wait, aren’t lady fingers cookies?

“I guess most Greeks will relate to that – μπάμιες, which is okra, or ladies’ fingers, cooked with onions and tomato sauce. I love them these days, but I couldn’t eat them as a kid. Yikes. If you are curious, you can google translate this recipe.”

When tomatoes look like a human heart…

“I was in Cub Scouts, and our den leader was a cardiac surgeon. At one point, he took us to the hospital where some of his colleagues were doing open heart surgery on a dog (presumably for some sort of research) and we got to watch for a bit.When I got home for dinner, my mother had made… Stewed tomatoes. To me, they looked exactly like that dog’s heart. My mom made me eat dog hearts for dinner.”