Sad Tom Brady Is The Meme We All Desperately Needed And Deserved

The Philadelphia Eagles won their FIRST EVER Super Bowl on Sunday when they beat the New England Patriots 41–33. Pats quarterback Tom Brady wore his heart on his sleeve and his sadness all over his face and body. He didn’t know how to contain it because it was so utterly unexpected. Tom Brady is not used to such disappointment.

The Birds shouldn’t have won. Brady ought to have done what Brady does best, which is reign supreme as fourth quarter comeback king. But this was not the case.

And 40-year-old Brady had a lot of reason to be sad. Had he steered the Patriots to a sixth Super Bowl victory, he would have stamped himself as the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever known. As it stands, he may have to retire with an L under his belt (though retirement was just something he’s been hinting at, we may just see him back for SB LIII next February).

People were stoked to see Brady so sad.

It’s never not nice to see the top dog fall to the underdog, especially when the former was born in Silicon Valley and probably built in a lab somewhere.

The Pats QB, usually so quick, throws air:

It’s hard to feel bad for Brady, who stormed off the field without shaking hands with the winning team: