This Girl Told Her Dad She Had ‘Lady Issues’ And His Response Is Golden

When you’re a young girl going through girl problems, it’s sometimes hard to talk to your father about them. When I first started getting my period, I’d have to ask my dad to take me to buy pads and tampons to keep at his house for when I’d stay there on the weekends–let’s say he wasn’t exactly thrilled to be checking out at Rite Aid and buying some female products in front of other people. But, when I said I was having ‘girl problems’ or ‘female issues,’ he totally got it. One Twitter user shared the hilarious response her dad gave when she said she had ‘female problems’ and Twitter is ROFL over it.

Kiera and her father have a pretty funny relationship, as she shares often times on Twitter. She’s posted texts from her father, Mitch, several times on her timeline and, he obviously has a really great sense of humor.