This Husband Made The Stupid Mistake Of Criticizing How His Wife Cleaned Her Vagina

Using a throwaway and subsequently deleted account so as to wisely maintain his anonymity, a Reddit user named throwthricethree added his own personal story to the fascinating subreddit “Today I Fucked Up.” His post:  “TIFU by telling my wife that I’m grossed out by her after-shower habit.”

Where to start…. this happened a few hours ago, and I’ve been in hell since then. I have no one I can talk to about it, and I need to get it out.

TL; DR: I told my wife that her after-shower habit disgusts me, and now my marriage is in danger.

Extended version: My wife of seven years has a shower habit that has bothered me for years, and today I finally told it to her. When she steps out of the shower, she dries herself and then lifts the little hood of her most precious lady bit and wipes it off. It’s a minimal movement, not longer than a second or two, and she assured me once that it doesn’t hurt or anything. And yet it disgusts me. It reminds me of all the dirt and gross stuff that accumulates under that piece of skin. I’m circumcised, so I never had to handle smegma. Being daily reminded that the place where I put my tongue is also dirty and smelly – I couldn’t bear it any more.

Now she’s gone outside to run off her anger, and I am sitting here wondering why I fucked up so royally. If and how I can ever repair this situation is beyond me.