8 Rules All Ladies Should Follow To Keep Their Vag Happy And Healthy

4. Do not use scented soaps, washes or lotions down there.

It’s been scientifically proven by many doctors that scented washes and soaps can cause infections in your vagina. Often times, tampons and detergent can also irritate the vagina and cause rashes, and worse, bacterial infections. Instead of trying to make yourself smell good down there, just wash more frequently (with regular, unscented washes and soaps).

5. Always pee after sex.

Whenever you’re sexually active, there’s a lot going on down there, including the passing over of some germs and bacteria. Some doctors even say peeing before sex is a good idea–but, always pee after sex to prevent UTI’s and the spread of bacteria.

6. Clean your sex toys regularly.

If you’re someone who enjoys using toys in the bedroom, it’s important to wash them on a regular basis. Not only will your own germs build on them, but, by leaving them out, airborne germs and other bacterias can make their way onto your toys, and into your body.