8 Rules All Ladies Should Follow To Keep Their Vag Happy And Healthy

Everyone knows that vagina health is vitally important when it comes to your overall body health. While we’re always concerned with catching a cold, getting a stomach virus, or anything else that can make us feel pretty crappy–keeping your lady parts happy and healthy is important for homeostasis. In order for you to remain in good health, you should make sure you practice good routines and stay away from certain products that are known to cause inflammation and irritation. As well, there are vitamins, supplements, and other things every female should know about to avoid problems down under.

1. Wear cotton underwear or none at all.

Cotton underwear is the only material that will breathe and allow your vagina to fully maintain its healthy flow. If you wear other materials, they’re likely to hold in bacteria and also rub, causing irritation. Many doctors and OBGYN’s say it’s healthy to go panty-free at home and sleep without any underwear at all, allowing your vagina to get some much-needed air.

2. Never sit in wet or sweaty clothing.

After the gym, swimming, or anything that has you building up sweat and moisture, it’s important to change ASAP. Bacteria tend to enjoy and build up in dark, moist environments, so the longer you sit in your workout gear–the more likely you are to develop an infection.

3. Be careful when taking antibiotics.

Whenever you’re sick and taking any antibiotics, it’s important to take a probiotic with it. Antibiotics kill off lactobacilli, which is known to keep your vag healthy and on track. Taking probiotics prevents the risk of developing a yeast infection.