20 Tips About Eating Ass From People Who Just Simply Love It

7. If you want something done right do it yourself.

My trick is to wash my honey’s backdoor myself. Do it in a way that’s sensual. He gets why, and I get peace of mind so that I can feel free to go to town. Both of us end up very happy!

8. Can’t argue with that track record.

I start with a flat tongue moving up and down. Then slowly make my tongue more pointed and move in a circle. I also like to penetrate them with my pointed tongue. No complaints to date.

9. I assume the soaked rag is in case of emergency?

Best thing to do is smear some decent tasting mouthwash on a rag and keep it nearby. tricks? constant spit helps. also don’t jam a finger inside but apply steady pressure to the butthole every now and then. doesn’t hurt to suck on it either. sometimes you can make a toe pop that way though.


10. Ah, the good old trombone technique.

1) get that tongue in there, for sure. 2) I like to call it the trombone technique, but make sure while rimming to use your hand to continually jack them

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