21 Dads Who Take ‘Dad Jokes’ To A Whole New Level

Some very strange things happen to the male mind when he becomes a dad. While scientists and psychologists are yet to throughly investigate the whys and hows, it’s well known that after a man impregnates a woman and settles into a life of blissful fatherhood, he changes—for example, he suddenly wants to wear shorts year-round, he thinks fanny packs and visors are cool, he’s becomes obsessed with storage options, and the Eagles suddenly sound awesome. Which is to say nothing of the sudden and thorough appreciation of cornball, pun-based, goofy humor—dad jokes, in other words.

You’ll recognize these traits (and more) in these social media posts about the daddliiest dads of all time.

1. One for the kids.

2. Your mom.

3. Cool beans.