Here’s What The Entire Cast Of ‘Harry Potter’ Has Been Up To Since The Movies

7. Rupert Grint teamed up with Chuck Bass:

In the past 10 years our beloved Ron has been in a few films here and there but nothing too noteworthy. Most recently he is starring in Crackle’s original series “Snatch,” based on the insanely popular movie alongside Ed Westwick.

8. Ralph Fiennes finally has a nose, and some voice-overs:

Fiennes was killing it long before the Potter films and has kept the trend going since! Recently he has starred in the award-winning Wes Anderson film “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and has even voiced a few character in “Kubo” and the “Two Strings” and “The LEGO Batman Movie”.

9. Jason Isaacs may be on your X-box:

Since playing the evil Lucius Malfoy Isaacs has gone on to work in a few T.V. shows including “The OA” and “Star Trek: Discovery”. He’s also voice acted on a bunch of different superhero series and even the “Hitman” video game. Most recently he made an appearance in “Hotel Mumbai.”