Here’s What The Entire Cast Of ‘Harry Potter’ Has Been Up To Since The Movies

4. Evanna Lynch is stunning, and an Indie film actress:

Since doing an amazing job of portraying the extremely peculiar Luna Lovegood Lynch has had a sporadic acting career. Most recently was in 2013 when she starred in the indie comedy “G.B.F.” as one of the popular high school students.

5. Bonnie Wright became a screenwriter:

Bonnie Wright now owns her own production company Bon Bon Lumiere. She does screenwriting and directing as well as acting still. Wright has appeared in movies like 2013’s “After the Dark” and has appeared in Scottish retelling of A Christmas Carol.

6. Tom Felton is coming to a TV screen near you:

Felton has kept a strong acting career since the Harry Potter films wrapped up. He’s had roles in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, “In Secret”, and “Belle”, and has landed a TV home on CW’s “The Flash.”