5 Anxiety Attack Warning Signs That Are Much Harder To Spot Than Hyperventilating

3. Hyperemotions:

When having a bad anxiety attack, your loved one may be a bit more emotional than normal. This means they can react to just about anything that triggers them. If something upsets them more easily, it’s a tell-tale sign they may be struggling with an anxiety attack. The truth behind having anxiety attacks is that people who are going through them are emotionally exhausted. We’re on a roller coaster of emotions at extremely high levels from ourselves to begin with, when adding in other people and their reactions, it puts us overboard sometimes.

4. Inability to concentrate/zoning out:

We’re going through a million thoughts a minute when having a bad attack, so it’s natural that we will zone out into our own heads. Often times, it’s not the best for us to be “alone with our thoughts” because our thoughts can be extremely toxic and be triggering even worse bats of anxiety for some, but it’s not as though we are able to just silence everything in our minds. The best course of action is to put our mind to something else, hopefully, helping ease the thoughts and panic in our minds.

5. Silence:

Many of those with anxiety, or even high-functioning anxiety, will be normal and talkative throughout the day and normally. If someone you know is usual social and has a day or two where they are much quieter or withdrawn, this could be a sign that they are suffering from anxiety attacks. It’s important to try and “get them out of their own heads,” but, don’t push them too hard.