Dating Website Is Redefining The Term DTF For Older Folks

Down To Furiously Make Out

Okay, so this one is a little suggestive! But not as forward to what DTF use to mean

Down To Farmer’s Market:

Always, DUH.

Down To Fall Head Over Heels:

Aren’t we all, honestly?

Down To Finish My Novel:

Or start…!

Down To Feel Fabulous:

Self-love in 2018, please.

Down To Fifty-Five Hour Binge:

Sounds like a snowed-in weekend

Down To Fly The Red Eye:


After seeing these ads, I’m Down To Forget Tinder (and all the other apps ruining my life) for a while and explore OkCupid. Dating does deserve better!  And this campaign shows how they’re trying to restore dating, and match people up with similar interests, rather than base matches just on physical appearance and an optional bio. I’m Down To Find Someone.

Also, I deserve to finish my novel!