30 Memes You’re Only Allowed To Laugh At If You’re Left-Handed

Being a left-handed person is an interesting thing. I mean being 1 in every 10 people can be pretty cool if you think about it. You have a personal sense of being unique and every time you come across another fellow left-hander you instantly have a new buddy. Like anything else in life, there are some pros and cons to this left-handed lifestyle. Going to school growing up being a lefty was a huge inconvenience and even downright dangerous at times. Looking at you right-handed scissors. So my fellow left-handers unite! Enjoy this list of memes that only the left-handed folk can appreciate.

1. This looks a bit dangerous, dope mug though.

2. Multiply your views by 10, and you’re all good.

3. It’s taken tons of hard work and perseverance.