30 Memes You’re Only Allowed To Laugh At If You’re Left-Handed

Being a left-handed person is an interesting thing. I mean being 1 in every 10 people can be pretty cool if you think about it. You have a personal sense of being unique and every time you come across another fellow left-hander you instantly have a new buddy. Like anything else in life, there are some pros and cons to this left-handed lifestyle. Going to school growing up being a lefty was a huge inconvenience and even downright dangerous at times. Looking at you right-handed scissors. So my fellow left-handers unite! Enjoy this list of memes that only the left-handed folk can appreciate.

1. This looks a bit dangerous, dope mug though.

2. Multiply your views by 10, and you’re all good.

3. It’s taken tons of hard work and perseverance.


Written by Baillie Parry

Just your average girl from New York who loves her some Knicks basketball and city lights. Catch her laughing at memes endlessly and trying to find Mr. Right while on a date with Mr. Right Now.