Twitter’s Reaction To The Obama’s Christmas Card Will Make You Say ‘Same.’

Every year, celebrities and influencers take to social media to wish us all a happy and healthy holiday season. While we appreciate celebrities taking the time out to acknowledge their fans, there are a select few people we are emotionally moved by. Like, for example, The Obama Family. This year, Barack Obama took to Twitter to wish all of his followers “joy and peace” this holiday season. The photo included former first lady Michelle Obama and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha. The photo also included some “helper elves” as the family posed by a large Christmas tree. 

Of course, everyone on Twitter was moved by the tweet and Barack Obama’s contagious smile.  How can you not miss this man and his reign in office? I wish someone would allow Presidents to serve a third term because ya girl misses this family in the White House immensely.  And, I’m not alone. Twitter responded by sharing their deepest thoughts about how much the Obama family is sincerely missed.

Someone get me a tissue.