34 Photos For Anyone Who’s Had A Crappy 2017 And Wants To Start 2018 Right

6. “I spend two months this year doing an internship at a seal rehabilitation center in the Netherlands, it was really cool seeing sick seals getting better and being released again. The seal on the picture is Jarno, it took really long to get him to eat fish by himself again.”

7. “This guy covered someone’s car with cellophane so as not to let rain seep into an open window.”

8. “My doggos meeting my new baby cousin for the first time.”

9. “It was raining, and this woman covered a dog with a blanket and then let him in.”

10. “My boyfriend grew up incredibly poor. He’d always dreamed of a lunch box with Charizard, but they didn’t have money to buy it. And I found this lunch box from his childhood and gave it to him.”