‘Woke Charlotte’ Is The Latest Sex & The City Meme That You Never Knew You Needed

Sex & the City is a show that most women think is progressive and forward for them, allowing four female characters to run around the city and sleep with whoever they want while having high profile jobs. While the plotline is ahead of its time, there are certain viewpoints and instances in the show were pretty crappy and behind. While we can always rewatch the entire series and point out what’s wrong with remarks, someone beautiful on the Internet made it easier for us all and produced the new meme of #WokeCharlotte.

The idea of the meme is Charlotte calling out everyone on their bullsh*t. While Charlotte never actually said the things in the memes, we really wish she had.

Get into the #wokecharlotte memes and educate yo'self! Repost @everyoutfitonsatc

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#WokeCharlotte IS LIT ???

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