5 Important Things All Women Should Know About Menstrual Cups

Let’s cut right too it – menstrual cups are something no woman wants to talk about in casual conversation. This is one of those awkward conversations that you never want to have, you know like the ones with your doctor or with your mom about things you just don’t want to talk about with them. At all. We are about to have one of those awkward conversations. Well, at least for you, you can just read this through a screen and not say anything at all. That is the good thing about this conversation. You don’t even have to say anything. Just listen up to me, alright?

Menstrual cups? Thoughts, opinions, concerns? None. Okay. (See, having a conversation about this kinda stuff isn’t so bad). Basically, a menstrual cup can be used in place of a tampon or pad on the time when a woman is menstruating. It is a plastic cup (picture the size of a shot glass) made out of silicone material, literally, that fits inside just like a tampon would.

It seems concerning and painful, but the key is that the more you know about the menstrual cup, the more effective its use could be to you. It is reusable, washable, it fits in the vagina and collects blood as it flows out. After a few hours, you remove contents into the toilet, wash it out, and continue to the process. It’s simple, yes; but there is more to it that woman should be educated on. Many people opt to not use these devices because they think they’re “dirty” or “inconvenient” or, they will leak all over them. In fact, it’s the opposite. Menstrual cups can be really great for you and your period.

1. Menstrual cups are more convenient to use.

Each brand is different, however, on average cups can remain inside for up to 12 hours. That’s four hours longer than the average tampon (Y’ALL SHOULD NOT BE LEAVING YOUR TAMPONS IN FOR THAT LONG!!) So yes, very time effective. You don’t have to worry about leaking or changing your tampon as often either. It is a major stress reliever because we know how stressful periods can be, to begin with. If you’re a heavy flower, maybe empty it out a bit more often than 12 hours, but for the most part, you just insert and bam, don’t have to worry the entire workday.

2. Menstrual cups are better for the environment.

Tampons and pads make up for 0.5% of the garbage each female creates in her lifetime. With the environment going to sh*t, we should do whatever we can to keep it clean, reusable and not burn into hell. Cups are reusable, therefore you are cutting down on that percentage. It may seem that the number of waste tampons and pads create is small compared to everything else that becomes garbage in the world, but think about how many women there are in the world on their periods. Wow.

3. The cup is folded in half before being inserted.

There is a technique when it comes to inserting the cup. Many women tend to miss out on this information because it is just not explained or talked about. If you considered the reference made before the cup is about the size of a shot glass, but made out of silicone. That is a pretty big size compared to a tampon. This is why it is folded upon inserting and then it returns to its original shape when inserted. If you can fit an entire child up there (and push one out) this cup won’t be an issue, sis.

4. The base of the cup has to be pinched tight in order to remove the cup.

Again one of those things that are not talked about or explained well. The base of the cup has to be pinched in order for the cup to suction together and be removed more easily. It expands when it is inserted and we know the size is a lot larger than a tampon; therefore trying to rid it out full size is not going to go over well. In order to prevent a mess, you need to learn to remove it the right way.

5. There are different cup shapes on the market.

There is more than one type of menstrual cup design and brand. They all work the same way, however, depending on your flow some might work better than others for you. If the first kind that you try just isn’t for you, don’t be discouraged; there are other brands and designs out there that could work for you. It’s like trying on a pair of shoes, not all of them will fit. You have to try some to figure out the perfect shape and size.