Chili’s Just Threw Shade At Applebee’s On Twitter For Their ‘Sad Looking Food’

Lookie here, I’m a huge fan of Applebees and I’m not afraid to admit it. Honestly, it’s really because they have boneless buffalo wings that taste like heaven and when they have half-priced apps, they’re only $5. I’ll roll in there for half-priced apps and happy hour and walk out 15 pounds heavier. Ask anyone who knows me, I’m a Bees-head. But, other than the boneless wings and some fries, you won’t catch me eating much else there. Case in point, this one Twitter user who ordered a Southwest Steak Salad. In retrospect, the photo of the salad looks delicious – in pictures. Most restaurants do provide photos on their menu or website to entice customers to come in and order their items, and, these photos are usually taken by professionals. But, the photos should never be completely opposite of what the food looks like. That’s basically lying to us all. Which, I guess Applebees is guilty of.

On their website:

In person:

That’s the most disappointing salad I’ve ever seen in my life. Is a salad was a bad date, it would look like this. If a salad was the feeling I got when my dog died, this is what it would look like. How can anyone serve this sad item of food and be pleased with themselves? Come on now, they had to know this was not right.

Twitter users were also confused as to how someone could get served this after @lilguatama tweeted the photos.

Some Twitter users made comments that instead of going to Applebee’s, he should have gone to Chili’s. I mean, there’s no Chili’s by me (boo, deprived), but, if there were, I’d probably go there for fajitas or anything labeled “Southwestern,” like for example, this salad.

And, after tagging Chili’s, they were right there to give their two cents.

Damn, Chili’s that’s some savagery right there – calling your competitors’ food a “wrong.” Others tried showing Chili’s a bunch of love for their specials and food quality.

Don’t worry, Chili’s was playing it cool AF.

Is it just me, or do companies beefing on Twitter give you life too?

Okay, I guess it’s just me.