Women Are Doing ‘Christmas Tree Hair’ For Their Holiday Parties And It’s Extra AF

If you’re looking for a way to be extra festive this holiday season, you can take a few notes from people on social media. Sure, every year we go through the same old routines of going to “Ugly Sweater Parties,” but some people want to take that extra step and do something a bit more…well…festive. So, women began making their boobs festive for the holiday season, you know, with the sweaters too. 

At our Christmas party. #bjscabanabar #bestie #christmasboob #uglysweater #merrychristmas

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Twinkle tits ⭐️ #christmasjumper #girlsnight #freethenips #titmas created by @lexiiallan

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If decorating your boob is a little “too much” for you, then look no further than spicing up your hair for some unique Christmas flow. Instead of doing the old school “let me blow it out and straighten it flat,” why not twist it up into a beautiful and decorated Christmas tree?

Pretty cute, right?

Don’t worry, there’s a variety of ways to get your hair done right.

And, with so many decorations on the market, you can really make this personal and unique.

#christmastreehair ??

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Christmas tree hair ?⭐️?? Oppskrift på juletrehår: – Ta en tom tørkerull (klipp til tørkerullen så langt som håret blir når du strekker det rett opp.) – Sett en strikk øverst rundt tørkerullen og håret så det står rett opp. – Du kan også bruke en tom flaske, men jeg har for kort hår til det. Det må være litt tyngde på det, så jeg hardstappet tørkerullen med bomull. Du kan feste med spenner bak om håret trenger mer støtte. – Pynt med det du vil (eller greier), og putt ei litta stjerne i toppen om du har ⭐️ De gærne har det godt, eller rett og slett bare er gærne ? #christmastreehair #christmastree #hair #hairstyle #star #stjerneitoppen #peace #soonchristmas❤️?? #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas #me fun #funny #oslo #norway #uglychristmassweater #julegenser #pressent

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Jólafrokost við FK #christmastreehair #jólafrokost #fkfuglafjørður

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#mymondayvsyours #creativemonday ? #christmastreehair #christmasinspiration

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Happy Holidays everyone ????? #rochelledidmyhair #christmas #christmastreehair

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If you were wondering what to do with your extra decorations that couldn’t fit on your actual tree, you’re welcome.