This Family’s Viral Christmas Card Is Savage AF

Ah, the holidays! The most wonderful time of the year, unless you are consistently single and your family consistently asks you why, in which case it isn’t all that wonderful. But, as always, the important thing is to laugh at yourself, and Emily Seawright excelled at this.

This year, the Seawright family Christmas card is going viral. From left to right are parents holding up a sign that says ‘Excited’ (and one adorable sweatered dog), a couple holding a sign which reads ‘Engaged,’ and another set of parents holding a baby and a sign reading ‘Expecting.’ Then there is Emily, who is just holding a sign that reads…’Emily.’

What better ‘E-word’ to sum up your status besides your own name? ‘Entry-level Employee’ is probably accurate but too depressing. Entry-level Emily’s tweet garnered over 260,000 likes and almost 43,000 retweets in just a couple of days, relatable AF to the Emily-Equivalents of families around the world.

This Egg Mcmuffin one, though: