After Little Girl Loses Beloved Teddy Bear, Airline Goes Above And Beyond To Get It Back To Her

Logan Air flew the teddy bear back to Orkney and, he was even given his own seat on the plane. The bear had quite the adventure if you ask me. Not only did he have his own seat on the airplane, he even got to ride in the cockpit with the pilot.

But, eventually, he was reunited with his proud owner, Summer. It’s really sweet to see how much the power of social media can do. Not only can we recover lost items, but we can also make someone’s day, which is what crew member Kristy did.

She said:

“As soon as I spotted the plea on social media I thought it would be easy for the airline to try and help. It was a heart-warming moment to be there for Summer and Teddy’s reunion, it definitely brought a little tear to my eye.”

That’s the kind of feel-good story we could all use in our dark, f*cked up lives.