Employees Are Selling Their Uniforms To Shoppers Who Want To Get Into Stores On Black Friday

Walmart, take notes because y’all about to be hustled. Who doesn’t love a great deal? As human beings, we always strive to find great deals because – Hey! More money to save up for that nice condo you’re after right? It’s nice to keep yourself on your toes and bargaining for a better price for what you’re looking for. I think that’s the main reason why so many of us enjoy and even celebrate the occasion that we so call “Black Friday.” This holiday is known to be an unforgiving date to decide to not participate in. Why you ask? Well, simply because you find exactly what you need at a price you simply just can’t believe. So when a Twitter user under the name @Overlyliked decided to play with our emotions tweeting out that he would be willing to sell his Walmart vest for $100 just so that any of us lucky beings get a hand on it would be able to skip the line during Black Friday, we jumped. Honestly...Who wouldn’t want to just waltz into your favorite store, skip the line and just easily walk out without having to sweat over fighting someone else for that last pair of shoes you were eyeing since the beginning of August?


Seriously, Black Friday is a worldwide mayhem in which any morals, education, and values you may have had thrust upon by your loved ones during your innocent upbringing is completely thrown into the trash and left for dead because it’s every man for himself out there. Which means we all freaking just lose ourselves completely to get what we want. This is where life gets real guys.

For our Twitter user over here, as great as his idea was he instantly went on to clarify that he was, in fact, joking after so many people bombarded him with responses. 20,000 retweets and 50,000 likes to be exact. Not only that but it seems he may have also motivated former Walmart employees to do the same. Oh, the world and its glory never fail to amaze.

And, people were down.

Five stars for effort.