Former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Has Just Been Accused Of Rape

In a really sad ruin-your-childhood twist of fate, former Backstreet Boy and heartthrob Nick Carter has just been accused of rape by Melissa Schuman, formerly of aughts pop group Dream. Carter is just the latest famous man in an ever-growing list of famous men accused of sexual assault.

Schuman divulged the details on her blog Melissa Explains It All, on November 18, recalling how Carter had invited her to his apartment on a day off after the pop stars were cast for the same TV show. She was 18 and he was 22.

She begins her disturbing story by first explaining how much of a burden the secret of her assault has been over the past 15 years and how she’d tried to tell her story but was informed by her manager that her abuser “had the most powerful litigator in the country.”

“He was right. I didn’t have the money, the clout or access to an attorney who was powerful enough to stand up against my abuser’s legal counsel. I was told I would likely be buried in humiliation, accused of being fame hungry, and it would ultimately hurt me professionally as well as publicly.

I was focused on building a career and name for myself at the time and I didn’t want what he did to further affect my life and future.”

She goes on to detail the traumatic events of that day, explaining how the two began drinking and kissing, and how this quickly escalated to rape.

My abuser, 22, provided liquor for the get together and asked us what we would like to drink. We all took a shot and proceeded to the living room to play some video games. This wasn’t a crazy house party, just a casual hangout. We were laughing, talking, nothing out of the norm.

Soon after, he asked me if I would like to come into his office and listen to some new music he was working on. I agreed and was eager to hear his new music.

Trigger warning: The next part of Schuman’s story gets graphic. She provides her own disclaimer, saying “Now this is where things take a turn and gets graphic. I want to warn you that what I will be disclosing next describes graphic, violent sexual behavior. Please continue reading at your own discretion.”