I Tried Curing My Cold With Essential Oils And It Was The Best Cure I’ve Ever Discovered

This is the absolute worst time of the year for anyone’s health. Never mind cuffing season; the winter should be known as coughing season. Itchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat, and a whole lot of DayQuil, and Advil Cold & Sinus that does absolutely nothing other than hurt my stomach. Flu season, cold season, coughing season, whatever you want to call it; it is awful and no over the counter medicine has ever really done me any justice.

Essential oils we all already know smell amazing and are suppose to this thing where the clam and relax you naturally through their scent. I recently found out that these essential oils that smell nice and make us feel all trendy and zen as we using that to “relax,” actually have more of a powerful effect than we think. Yes, they are so trendy to use; and yes, they smell actually amazing and not as strong and over barring as a strong designer perfume; but they cure colds.

Seriously. I swear.

The secret behind the essential oils is that each is made with different ingredients and some scents actually have anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and, you guessed it; antibiotic agents in them. So basically, certain essential oils have ingredients in them that are just like medicine, but they actually work. When I got ahold of this information I just had to try it. Taking over the counter medications constantly throughout the day did absolutely nothing for me, and I would feel aches in my stomach from it.

There are different ways to use the essential oils but the best way that I have found to cure my cold is to breathe them in throughout the night when I am super congestion and having trouble sleeping through a diffuser. If you don’t want to go out and buy a diffuser, rubbing the oils directly on your temples and chest (similar to how you would use Vicks) works just as well. I like the diffusor because it also helps my room smell amazing, but that’s just me.

I was skeptical of trying essential oils to cure my cold. I had only known essential oils just for their amazing scents and nothing more. What are the chances that oily substances rubbed all over me could actually save me from coughing season? The secret though to the cure is mixing different essential oils together to create your own mix that will target exactly what you need to relieve.

My personal combination is eucalyptus oil which targets non-bacteria sinus infections that are causing your sore throat, chamomile oil which helps inflammation and allows for relaxation. The two oils together cure every cold I’ve ever had, every single time. There are a ton of oils out there that help cure anything you can imagine. Peppermint oil has a numbing agent in which makes it perfect for rubbing on a sore throat that feels irritated.

Frankincense oil is highly recommended in a diffusor because its agents help to break down mucus similar to any other the counter drug. Thyme is another essential oil that works wonders on sore throats. There are even oils that can be used in a way similar to vitamins and help to prevent colds. For example, tea tree oil is essential for preventing colds. Just rub on your chest and temples every night before bed to help protect yourself from a cold.