15 Memes That Hilariously Sum Up Going Home For The Holidays

It’s officially the holiday season and everyone is talking about their plans to go home to their families to celebrate the special days. You may have to travel only a few minutes to sit at a table with your family and argue about pop culture & politics; or you may have a nice little road trip ahead of you to a different state to help your mom with the cooking… or you’ve moved onto a big city & have to hop a plane back to your childhood hometown for the holiday cheer. No matter what your situation is, it can be a little daunting to go back to your childhood home, to live under your parents’ roof for an extended period of time and to be surrounded by all your family who always have something to say about your single-hood or your choice of career. As much as being home for the holidays is fun and you love your family, being around them for this long when you’re so used to being on your own can be a little horrifying. Hopefully, you’ll LOL along to these memes and be able to relate to the rest of us.

1. When you book your train/plane ticket a little too late and you could book a trip to Italy & back with that money.

2. Trying to pack everything you think you’ll need for your adventures.

3. Sitting in traffic the day before a holiday just makes everything worse.

4. You finally arrive at home and everything in your hometown looks exactly.the.same.

5. You walk in the door and your mom and aunt immediately judge your outfit.