This Pervy Cheese Campaign Just Ruined The Word ‘Artisanal’ Forever

It’s about time the word ‘artisanal’ was taken down a notch or twelve. It is a hoity-toity word. It is high-brow and ultimately discriminatory. It thinks far too much of itself. It is yuppyism at it’s worst, invoking images of gentrification and $25 breakfast bagels served on unliftable slabs of marble.

And all that it took to cause artisanal’s fall from grace was an unintentionally pervy ad campaign gif shared by Twitter user Adam P. Knave.  It’s difficult to imagine the person behind these graphics didn’t know what they were doing. It’s SO GLARING. But maybe it’s just one of those things where he worked on it for so long he was blind to it? Although how long could he have really spent on it, considering it looks like a Powerpoint slide? I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. It’s a confusing time.

The tweet sparked a philosophical discussion on the meaning of art. Namely, is art anal cheese? (Yes.)

Although you’ll never think of the word ‘artisanal’ without thinking of anal, one user brought up the fact that you’ll never spell it wrong, either!

Some were very dubious.

Others, enterprising.

All in all, very reminiscent of Tobias’ career idea.

If ‘analrapist’ is a portmanteau of ‘analyst’ and ‘therapist,’ then certainly there’s a chance ‘artisanal’ is a portmanteau of ‘art is anal,’ right?