5 Ways To Be Romantically Fulfilled When You’re Single AF

Being in a relationship isn’t always all sunshine and roses. There are fights, there are arguments, there are problems. When we’re single, we always feel horrible because we’re not super in love and experiencing the “bliss” that all of those around us are feeling. The romantic fantasy that we think comes with a relationship, you can actually provide for yourself. Yes, there are perks to being in a relationship, like always having that one person in your life; but there are a ton of perks to being single too. You get to focus on yourself, you don’t have to share your food with anyone, you can spoil yourself, and you don’t have to worry about anyone other than yourself. The list of perks goes on like being able to be romantically fulfilled all on your own. Here is a secret, you can actually be romantically filled without being in a relationship. Single people can be considered romantic too.

1. Buying yourself an expensive dinner.

Who said a significant other has to be the one to buy you an expensive dinner and take you out? You can take yourself out and buy your own dinner. Be independent and enjoy yourself. Yes, it is a bold move to sit in a restaurant alone giving everyone at the surrounds tables the chance to wonder why you got stood up and are now eating alone. But, eating your dinner alone in a crowded restaurant will allow you more of an opportunity to find yourself. It takes a lot of courage to do something like that. How often do you see people on a date alone? Usually never, but it is so important to be one of the rare few who does.

2. Investing in a husband pillow and watch romantic movies with it.

This may sound like a sad fix to being alone but really the husband pillow works wonders. You will feel like you have someone laying next to you every night. The best part about the husband pillow? It doesn’t talk back or snore! Throw on Nicolas Sparks’ “The Notebook,” and cuddle with that pillow next to you. You will definitely feel the love in the air. That time before we go to bed after we finish watching the movie; is when we think about our lives and where exactly we are going. It is those internal thoughts we have right before bed that are the moments we need in our life. Unfortunately, when you are in a relationship, there is never any you just laying allow in bed having an internal thought about you. When you are single you can use the husband pillow for comfort but your thoughts will still be focused on you before bed.

3. Spoiling yourself.

Buy yourself flowers and chocolate. Buy yourself a Christmas gift. Buy yourself a birthday gift. Buy yourself a just because I felt like it gift. At the end of the day its your hard earned money so you should be spending it on rewarding yourself for the great person that you are. Plus, you will feel really good about yourself knowing that you can buy yourself exactly what you want on your own. You don’t have to wait around for a significant other to buy something for you. There is something more that you learn here when you spoil yourself. It is not about what you are buying yourself but it is about proving to yourself that you can have whatever you want in life on your own; you don’t need anyone to give that to you.

4. Writing yourself a love letter.

I promise this is not as weird as it sounds. First of all, no one is going to know that you did this, and secondly; you are going to feel pretty good about yourself when you finally read it. Have you ever written a letter to your future self? Look at this love letter as something similar. Write down all the reasons you love yourself and what exactly you about you makes you feel that way. You will learn a lot more about how you truly feel about yourself when you actually sit down to write a note. Your internal thoughts will finally be exposed and as a single individual, you will learn a lot about your inner feelings.

5. Making use of your bedroom…alone.

This has become something that we are finally more comfortable talking about as women. It is only to please yourself. The more comfortable you are doing so, the more comfortable you will be with yourself as a whole. We all have needs, and just because you are single does not mean that your needs can’t be met. Light some candles, make a great playlist and enjoy yourself.