31 Clever Little Movie Details You Never Noticed Before

10. When Jack Sparrow tells the prisoners in ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean‘ that the dog they’re bribing holding the cell keys is “never going to move” is a reference to the stationary audio-animatronic in the original Disneyland ride that hasn’t moved since it opened in 1967.

9. The Pixar lamp can be seen among the stars in the very first scenes of Toy Story 2.

8. A thumbprint is visible whenever a character in The Lego Movie is wearing a shiny surface.

7. They added a “worst boy” at the end credits of Airplane!

6. In Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, the creature used as bait to attract Chewbacca into the Ewok trap is actually a Whitetail deer with fake teeth in its butthole.

5. A man asks Django his name and how to spell it in Django Unchained.  “The D is silent” says Django and the man responds “I know.” This man is the original Django from the original 1966 film, Franco Nero.

4. In Zootopia, Judy’s cell phone provider is PB&J and she gets a MuzzleTime instead of a FaceTime call from her mom and dad.

3. The Joker’s thumb in The Dark Knight:

2. In Bee Movie, all the male bees have buzz cuts.

1. Sid from Toy Story is the garbage man in Toy Story 3.