31 Clever Little Movie Details You Never Noticed Before

19. Whenever the demigod Maui transforms into an animal in Moana, his magical fishhook appears somewhere on the animal’s body.

18. The shadow from Selena Kyle’s glasses foreshadows her transformation into Catwoman in Batman Returns.

17. In multiple Harry Potter movies, students can be seen eating parodies of real cereal brands.

16. In Prometheus, David the android’s fingerprint features the Weyland Corporation logo.

15. Jim Gordon gives Batman a joker card at the end of Batman Begins. The card was recovered by policeman named J.Kerr, a common Joker alias.

14. In American Beauty, Lester’s reflection represents his feelings of imprisonment within his dead-end job.

13. The blackboard in Deadpool features bets on a bunch of famous people– including Ryan Reynolds and Lindsay Lohan.

12. In Back to the Future, the name of the mall changes from “Twin Pines” to “Lone Pine” when Marty time travels and runs over one of the two trees.

11. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, young Indy cracks the whip to defend himself against a lion and ends up accidentally lashing himself on the chin. This is meant to account for a scar on Harrison Ford’s chin, which was a result of a car accident years prior.