Grey’s Anatomy’s 300th Episode Teases George And Cristina’s Return

Grey’s Anatomy has been on for 14 seasons already and, while some people don’t understand why the f*ck this show is still on TV, it’s still here and doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon. Shonda Rhimes has proven time and time again that she will always come up with borderline genius ideas, plot twists and character developments that keep us hooked in. The epic doctor show is reaching its 300th episode, which, is pretty impressive for a network drama like this. Most shows never get past 100 episodes before their ratings drop. But, Grey’s Anatomy stays at the top of the TV drama charts. 

Shonda has found ways to keep the show interesting, as of lately, like bringing back old members of the cast (Owen’s sister Megan) or having storylines that lead to flashbacks of better days for the doctors at this drama-filled hospital. While there’s no denying the doctors on the show now are brilliant, any Grey’s fan knows that there are some we miss and wish would come back, but, Shonda has a way for *killing* everyone off, dramatically.

For the 300th episode that is set to air this season, the trailer teases two patients that look pretty familiar – because they look like George and Cristina, two doctors from the original set of interns when we first began watching Grey’s. The title of the episode “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” is pretty telling to what the episode will entail and include.

While it’s not George and Cristina themselves – obviously George can’t come back from the dead – the characters will most definitely bring about a slew of memories and flashbacks to earlier episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Both doctors were vital to the show’s development and while they’re no longer apart of the cast now, it’s a way for Shonda and the writer’s to thank and honor them for getting them to their 300th episode.

If you didn’t know, Grey’s Anatomy names all of its episodes after songs (you should know by the 14th season). This episode is based on a “Hamilton” reference – yes, the musical. While it leads people to believe there could be musical numbers in this (dear God, no), it could also mean that there are some remnants of the musical intertwined into this episode. Loss, memories, struggle. Obviously, with every Grey’s episode that includes patients, these two lookalikes had to go through some trauma to land themselves in the ER of a hospital – so, I’m sure we’re in for a good episode and storyline. As for looking like our dear old doctors George and Cristina, Twitter has been freaking out that they may get to feel at home again, even with a slew of new interns joining the cast.