20 Hilarious Memes You Need To Tag Your Sorority Sisters In, Like, Yesterday

There are a lot of stereotypes following “Greek life” in college. If you’re in a frat or a sorority, you better expect that you’ll have to deal with judgment and stereotypes – no matter who you are as a person. Especially, if you’re a sorority girl. Whether it’s loving your little, only wearing letters around campus, or suffering through “pledge week,” – you know that you fit the stereotype every once in a while. And, that’s why you need to screenshot all of these and tag your sisters in them, like, now.

1. We love a good photoshoot.

2. You date one sorority girl, you date the whole sorority.

3. How you feel during recruitment week

4. Um yeah? And your point is?

5. Please, just give me ALL THE T-SHIRTS.