9 Signs You’re The Reason Your Relationships Are Continuously Failing

5. You think all love should be a “fairy tale.”

Let me put this very simply love is not a Disney movie. Prince Charming will never be perfect, your significant other will always make mistakes and always mess up from time to time. You can’t go dumping every person you date because they slip up every once in a while. No one is going to chase you around with a glass slipper and I’m sure you won’t end up living in a castle, but that doesn’t mean that your relationship can’t be “happily ever after.” Fairy tales are tales for a reason they’re supposed to entertain us and make us feel good, but they’re not always going to be the reality. Stop basing your life off of movies and realize that people are perfectlyimperfect.

6. You’re too cynical about love.

Many of us come from families who weren’t always the perfect example of “love.” I grew up in a divorced home and it tainted my view of relationships and marriage for a very, very long time. Not everything in life works out, but that doesn’t mean you should look at love as a “destined to fail” venture. If you do, you’ll never be able to truly be with someone and even have the chance to experience “forever.” You’ll most likely push people away, subconsciously, because you’re too scared to give yourself the opportunity to reach that point.

7. You’re too needy.

Relationships are give and take. Sometimes, you’re going to be the giver and other times, you’ll be the one who needs the extra TLC. But, they should never be all take or all give. If you’re too needy and require way too much from a relationship, even from the start, it’s never going to work out. People want to feel comfortable with their significant other and not always feel like they need to be “on” for them. If you’re constantly requiring way too much, that person will feel as though they’re being used and grow exhausted. You can’t expect everything to always go your way. You have to understand the other person has a life, outside of the relationship, that matters just as much as you do.

8. You are unable to compromise.

In any successful relationship, you have to learn to compromise. Not everything can be your way or the highway. People are going to differ in needs, wants and desires and sometimes, you have to meet the other person half-way. If you are too firm in your stance on your life and your opinions on how things should work, you’ll always end up with someone who is either a push-over, or an endless amount of arguments. Both of these are unhealthy and will end up failing. You’ll become sick of the person who always gives into what you want, and that person will never be “truly satisfied” anyway, because they are not getting whattheyneed out of your relationship. The latter is just as toxic. If you’re constantly fighting with someone, it’s a bad environment and destined to push both of you apart. Compromise is key to any healthy relationship.

9. You can never forgive.

All relationships have problems that need to be solved. Sometimes, you’ll f*ck up and need to apologize. Other times, your significant other will do you wrong and need to apologize. If it’s something minor (not like cheating) and you are unable to forgive them, you’ll never be able to move past any problems in relationships. All, I meanall relationships have problems that need to be worked on. There is no such thing as a picture-perfect relationship like I said, life is no fairy tale. Learning to forgive will not only help you in romantic relationships but all relationships in your life.