20 Ways To Shed Those ‘Adulting’ Pounds Without Trying

11. Have green tea.

Green tea is antioxidant and metabolism booster. It has literally given me loads of energy throughout the day and cleared my skin. Maybe it’s in my head, maybe it’s not – but I am sure there are benefits to it.

12. Watch less TV.

Go window shopping instead or go to the museum for a few hours. Just get off the couch. Staying seated is the quickest way for your body to stop burning calories. The more you move, the better you’ll feel.

13. Choose an active social outing.

Pick that friend you love to talk and lay low with and go on a hike every now and then. Or take that class I mentioned earlier together. You will gain human interaction time that you know and love, and you will also gain a pal to do it with.

14. Plan for a smaller plate size.

Choose the smaller plate in your cabinet to serve food on. You do not usually need as much as that larger plate is telling you that you do. Walk away from a larger portion and wait 20 minutes (rule of thumb to know if you’re actually still hungry or your appetite is deceiving you).

15. Choose the “small.”

Again, portion control. Having that scoop of ice cream will not kill you, but having the second or third scoop is over-indulging and unless you’re trying to get over a breakup or bad day – you don’t need it.

16. Choose your inspiration.

Pick that Instagram workout star who is showing off their healthy body that you love or posts their favorite healthy foods. It’s cool to look up to someone who is encouraging and can teach you tips and tricks of their own.

17. Ask your parents advice.

This is going to sound a little weird, but your parents are probably a little older and have managed their health and weight for a while now. Your body is probably similar to theirs because hello, they made you. Ask them their tips and tricks.

18. Overestimate your intake.

If you think you’re only taking in about 1000 calories before 4 p.m., overestimate that to 1200 just to be safe. Online calories and measurements that we use to reference are usually when foods are made most bland and simple. Keeping this habit will help you out.

19. Don’t choose the bread at breakfast.

This is your chance to kickstart your whole day. Putting a bagel with cream cheese into your body is only going to set you back for the entire day. Start with a yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, granola. There are a million better choices. Treat yourself to that bacon, egg and cheese once in a while – not as a diet staple.

20. Watch your stress level.

Losing weight or being healthy shouldn’t be stressful. It should be for you, to better YOU. Not to make yourself lose your mind. Stress releases cortisol, cortisol makes you gain weight. So stay happy – be positive, and promote your own body and health acceptance.