11 Uber Drivers Share The Darkest, Juiciest Secrets They’ve Ever Heard In Their Cars

6. From user westport76:

Former Uber driver here. Picked a girl up a sweet girl from a bar on a Wednesday night – absolutely hammered, about 10pm. She got into my car, apologized for being so drunk and politely asked if we could just drive around a little while, with the windows down.

I was prepping for a cleaning fee, trying to drive and pull a vomit bag out of the glove box, but no, she just did that airplane thing with one hand out the backseat window. She asked me if I had ever thought about dying, to which I replied, yeah – I guess so.

That’s when she told me that she had cancer. It was in her brain and it was too far gone to consider chemo. I remember my heart just pounding. She told me she was dying and she was going to be okay. Tonight she was celebrating with her work friends who threw her a going-away party. She told them she was taking a position abroad.

“I just didn’t tell them that abroad was heaven.”

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. I turned off my app and cried my ass all the way home.

7. From user dewayneestes:

I know this is the opposite of what you asked because I’m a passenger not a driver.

I had an Iraqi driver tell me he was an engineer in Iraq before the first gulf war and he’d developed a superior means of gilding furniture, chandeliers etc which you can imagine was hot in prewar Hussein-ville. Well Uday wanted to go into business with him but (and this is a direct quote) “First Uday wants to be your partner in business, then he wants to be partner in your wife.”

Words to live by.

8. From user Don2070:

Picked up 2 dudes. They were talking about how they were going to keep hiding their relationship from their wives and children. Pretty messed up stuff.

9. From user evannnn67:

Never overheard a juicy secret, but plenty of interesting pax.

One time I had a group of 3 guys, probably around my age (mid 20s). They seemed nervous, avoided eye contact, and were pretty much silent from the moment they hopped in. I tried confirming the destination, asked how their night was going, etc, but only got muffled mumbling in return.
As always, I worked the situation out in my head in a calm, rational manner. Something like, “Are these guys trying to rob me? Jack my car? Did they just kill somebody? Am I an accessory to murder? Do they have knowledge of the impending apocalypse?”

But as my paranoia routine winded down, I slowly started to realize what was going on. Between the beads of sweat, occasional jaw clenching, and finally – random giggle outbursts… these kids were tripping fucking balls.

Once it hit me I called them out immediately and told them I was cool. They looked so relieved. I started blasting music (some Umphrey’s McGee I do believe) and they just started geeking out by that point. Fun ride.

At the end of the ride, the guy that sat up front tossed me a bag of shrooms. Good times.

10. From user clever_username7:

One time I was driving a dude for a bit of a long trip. Was gonna take around 25-30 minutes. He wasn’t hammered, but definitely a bit drunk. It was late and he must’ve been feeling a bit down, so he confided in me and asked me for some advice.

He told me he’s madly in love with his fiancé’s best friend and he couldn’t back out now. He’d been with this girl 4 years, and engaged for 1, ready to be married in a few months.

It was pretty sad to hear, because it wasn’t just your average story. It was filled with a lot of subtle emotional and mental anguish. The guy went through about 5 years of ups and downs with his girl, and found an innocent friend and comfort in the best friend. After a few years, he developed feelings and it was just downhill from there.

Felt bad for the guy because he seemed like he was truly in love with his fiancé too, although he had strong feelings for this friend. He knew that going through with the marriage meant a lifetime of being around the friend and suppressing feelings, but also breaking it off meant that he lost the girl of his dreams. Seemed like a genuinely nice guy, and I hope he’s doing okay.

11. From user Wiltron:

Two 40 something guys who I picked up from a bar were talking on a phone (speaker) and they were trying to make plans with a third guy who was at a party with a bunch of drunk 12 graders (exact words). One guy in my car asked if there was anyone younger there, other dude said “dude really?”, Followed by silence, then he said “fucking sweet”. Not sure as there was missing context but it sounded like there was younger teenagers there already drunk and these older dudes were going to pick up.