I Used Seltzer Water As A Face & Hair Wash & Here’s Why I’m Never Going Back

What happened to my hair:

I have big, thick, curly hair that is difficult to manage. It is said that the carbonation can help with frizz, which I obviously need help with, so I was excited to see if this would work. I grabbed three cans of seltzer and took to the shower. I used the first to get my hair wet. Pro tip: don’t use cold seltzer. I made the mistake of putting the cans in the refrigerator since I was going to drink the rest of the case I got, but let me tell you, it no fun to dump cold fizzy water on my head. I persisted, however, because I am professional. I shampooed, dumped another can to rinse, conditioned and then rinsed with another can of seltzer. I immediately noticed that my hair felt softer. My hair is usually pretty dry and even after conditioning, it can be full of tangles. This time, it was soft and I could easily run my fingers through it. After applying my normal products to my hair and letting it dry naturally, it was soft and way less frizzy than it usually is.

Needless to say, I love seltzer more than I ever have before. These weird beauty trends can easily backfire or prove to be all hype, but this one is the real deal. It’s not recommended to use carbonated water all the time (plus that’s expensive), but I definitely will be doing this every once in a while because the results were amazing.