Things I Wish They’d Taught Us In Sex Ed

4. Not just straight people have sex.

If I thought my sex ed experience was lacking, I can’t imagine how some of my gay classmates must have felt. Any knowledge I now have about gay sex has been acquired through the first-hand experiences of friends or more recently, through late night binge-watching of The Real L-World. We can do better than this.

5. Sex sometimes involves funny noises, unexpected fluids, and (if you’re lucky) laughter.

Sex isn’t this pristine thing, where the couple just fades off to the bottom of the screen like they do in the movies. In other words, it’s not always soft lighting and beds strewn with rose petals. Sometimes our bodies can make some pretty strange noises. Periods arrive unexpectedly. Sometimes things smell a bit different than what you expected. If you’re not mature enough to deal with this & hopefully, laugh it off with your partner, you’re probably not mature enough to be having sex.

6. Loving sex and wanting it often doesn’t make you promiscuous, it makes you human.

Enough said.

Via Bolde.