10 Things Guys Do To Earn The “Player” Label

Players are the world’s answer to the question of why there aren’t any guys out there worth committing to. They’re rarely worth even a fling, tend to treat people somewhat poorly, and generally won’t ever really have any meaningful relationships in their lives. They are, at best, a one night stand. At worst, they’re total wastes of air. Some guys who fit in this category wonder why girls put them in that label. Here are 10 ways guys earn the players title.

1. He dresses like one.

Though there are exceptions to this rule, it’s hard to deny that players don’t have a particular sense of style. It might be the Adidas sneakers, it could be the tight shirts or the fact that he looks like a neon reject from a crappy suburban rap video, or it could just be the fact that it looks like half of his wardrobe came from Spencer’s. It’s hard to tell, but usually, you know a player when you see one.

2. He’s a coward.

Players don’t like confrontation, don’t like commitment, and will throw people under the bus in order to make themselves look good. If it takes serious courage to do, you can bet he won’t do it. Such is the behavior of a player.

3. The girl in question has seen the guy in question lead her.

Yeah, that’s not cool.

4. He’s a raging misogynist.

This is the kind of guy who thinks that girls are objects. He’ll sleep with a girl then slut-shame her, and then basically act shocked if a girl calls him out on his garbage. This is also part of the whole cowardice thing.

5. If a guy ever says the word “swag,” he is most likely a player.

Do we even have to explain this one? Actually, if anything, we can expand this rule to include other words that are probably said by Justin Bieber lookalikes, wannabe rappers, or anyone who seems to insist on keeping up with Twitter fads as a way of substituting personality.