20 Ways To Beat ‘Seasonal Depression’ Before It Becomes Too Much

because seasonal depression is real.

16. Find a winter sport you can learn to do.

I didn’t grow up skiing or snowboarding, but I always take up the opportunity to go with my friends somewhere new and participate in the winter sports they’ve grown up on. Mountain weekends are always fun and relaxing and give you a million memories of trial and error on the slopes.

17. Catch a basketball or hockey game.

‘Tis the season, and these sports are always fun with a few beers and wings. You always meet new people and you always have a blast in the crowds.

18. Throw a holiday-themed party.

Whether it’s at your house or a fun place you and your friends have been dying to check out, throw an open bar and have everyone who comes pitch in for their spot. It could be an awesome chance to get together friends from all circles and even create networking opportunities. Plus, who doesn’t want to stay warm with a few Fireball shots?

19. Hop on a train to a nearby city.

Amtrak is always sending out emails of last minute deals and Megabus is dirt cheap if you’re ballin’ on a budget. Call your best friend, book a hotel or explore a day in a new city and make your weekend a new adventure.

20. Relax.

In the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes winter gives us that perfect opportunity to snuggle up in bed with our favorite movie, tea, and oversized blankets. Moderation is key. So turn off your phone, leave your emails unread and relax. Don’t do it all winter long – but, a little R&R is important every now and then.