If You Have One Of These 10 Habits, You May Suffer From Concealed Depression

6. You are very talented, creative, and expressive—Even if you do not recognize it

Those who suffer from concealed depression will usually try to find outlets through which to conquer their inner demons. Many of these people are talented creatives, excelling at art, music, leadership, or any other field. There are multiple studies linking intelligence to depression. This unique perspective can be a double-edged sword.

You think about life and death a lot

We all do from time to time, but dealing with concealed depression means constantly questioning purpose and facing mortality. If you’ve seriously considered suicide, do not hesitate to tell someone close to you or speak to a professional immediately. You are not alone. You are not alone.

7. You are a cover-story pro

Lying about your emotions or those cuts and bruises on your body comes naturally to you. This is just another way of refusing to “burden” friends and family with your grief. You are not a burden.

8. You feel like you have no control

And yet the thought of letting anyone believe you are not in total control is agonizing. Constantly worrying about things out of your control is exhausting, and you compensate for your fear of the unknown through any of the other habits listed here.

9. You are uncomfortable seeing others in pain

Knowing what it feels like seeing to see others in pain is a driving factor in covering up your own. You don’t want to bum people out or to have them feel sorry for you. Making people around you feel comfortable and happy is a priority.

10. You are a perfectionist

You are always seeking love and affection, which is another reason you refuse to risk making loved ones uncomfortable. Showing that you are not perfect means revealing your vulnerability and what you perceive to be weakness.

If any of these behaviors feel all too real for you, please please please do not hesitate to get help. It is nothing to be ashamed of. This website lists depression hotlines you can call anonymously and even provides a list of questions to ask if you aren’t even sure where to begin.