16 Gross Habits Every Girl Is Low-Key Guilty Of

6. Peeling off nail polish and leaving it anywhere and everywhere.

Honestly, we all do this. The ends will chip just slightly and before you know it, your lap is covered in whatever color you decided to waste your money on this week. And, forget trying to save them – once you start, you just can’t stop.

7. Brushing your hair without cleaning out the stray hairs on your brush, but when you do…

It’s probably the nastiest, nastiness ever.

8. Going months without cleaning your earring junk.

Honestly, no girl wants to admit this, but – we never clean our earrings out. The backs get a bunch of gunk all stacked up and – everyone gets this – it’s normal. When you finally decide to clean them out, you’re horrified to see that sh*t was there the entire time.

9. Never cleaning up your room.

We all know the deal when you’re getting ready for a night out. You try on 17 outfits and throw the bad ones on the floor. Or – even the chairEvery girl knows the truth of the chair.

10. Determining how “clean” your clothes are by just taking a quick *wiff*

No explination needed.