14 Ways Having Anxiety Makes Life & Love Way More Difficult

6. You social media stalk people.

Because you need all the information you possibly can to prepare for a series of scenarios you will begin to rehearse in your mind that will actually likely never even happen.

7. Lateness really upsets you.

If you’re running behind, or if someone is keeping you waiting, you feel panicked and eager. And let’s not even get started on what red lights and transit delays do to you during this already panicked state.

8. Curse words are your BFF.

There’s something just so satisfying about swearing like a sailor when you’re at your most anxious points. You really don’t DGAF.

9. You are the queen of worry.

Worrier: noun. (wu-ree-er) – The opposite of warrior. The insane ability to scare yourself senseless for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

10. You really are more emotional.

Not just when you are having your lady time, but every emotion in general that you feel on a daily basis is amplified. It’s like having Beats by Dre on your emotions. Everything is louder.