10 Struggles Literally Every Mom Goes Through While Raising A Child

4. Cleaning up multiple times a day

This is where my OCD comes out. Toys everywhere, no matter how many times they get picked up. Two minutes later they are back on the ground. Kids spill everything, they throw everything, they spit things up, they make big, big messes everywhere. New moms beware, your second job is a cleaning lady.

5. When people without kids complain, it really annoys you

Tell me about it. Hearing people complain about how tired they are from not getting any sleep the night before because they stayed up all night watching a movie or their shows, whatever it is. They don’t know how tired we are from being up all night taking care of our children. Sorry, not sorry.

6. You spend more money on your child than yourself now.

Some parents spoil their kids, myself included. But, even everyday parents who don’t know that it’s hard to find time to shop for ourselves anymore when our kids need clothes, food, toys, books – everything. We can barely get a minute to try something on in a store let alone get to the store. It’s exhausting.