Women Are Wearing Engagement Rings on Their Pinkies, Here’s Why

There’s a deeper meaning.

As society is evolving, so are men and women all over the world. Old traditions and ways of doing things are progressing alongside the rest of the world, making new societal norms and traditions. When something new comes along and has a pretty unique and deep meaning, it catches on rather quickly with the use of social media and networking.

Lately, women all over the Internet are being seen wearing diamond engagement rings on a different finger other than the traditional ring finger that they usually sport them on. Instead, women are rocking diamonds on their pinkie fingers, which seems a bit unconventional to some.

While some may think it’s weird to wear a diamond ring on your pinkie finger, women who rocks them are showing the world that they care about themselves and their well being. The ring comes from several companies – it doesn’t really matter which – and the message is that above all, these women love themselves before anything.

Often times, society puts immense pressure on women to get engaged at an early age and start a family, neglecting themselves and their dreams or aspirations for their own lives. The meaning behind the rings is that before anything else, you should put yourself first.


As more women begin sharing their rings on line and promoting the message of self-love and self-care, other women are picking up on the hidden message and buying them for themselves. So, the next time you see a woman wearing a diamond engagement ring on their pinkie finger – don’t get confused, that’s one powerful woman right there.