Couple Has a “Just Divorced” Party & It’s Everything

Who says divorce has to be sad?

When people get divorced, it’s usually a hard time for everyone involved. The couple not only goes through an emotional roller coaster, but also has to divide their assets, deal with custody and say goodbye to their life they had together. Most couples are heartbroken, unhappy and outright depressed if they’ve ever had to reach this stage in their life. Except for Emma Becerra’s parents, of course.

Emma posted photos on Twitter after her parents had filed for divorce and decided to throw themselves a “just divorced” party. That’s right – forget engagement parties, bridal showers and weddings – divorce parties are taking center stage.

Besides having everyone over to celebrate the end of an era, her parents went all out and got decorations:

Specialized balloons and blown up photographs:

And, to top it all off and make this the most epic party ever, her parents gave out the perfect favors – tiny bottles of liquor with “romantic” words on them. The irony is killing me.

These are two people who obviously have an outrageous sense of humor. I wonder what life would be like if everyone had such an amicable divorce…it would probably put a lot of divorce lawyers out of business.

I mean, they even gave a new meaning to an old tradition:

Emma’s story on Twitter has racked up over 38,000 retweets and 116,000 likes. In today’s day and age where it seems just about everyone is heartless, one can only assume the Internet would absolutely love this. And, Twitter had some of the best responses we could find.

Congratulations to these newly-divorcees – may they find happiness in other people and never lose their incredible sense of humor!