20 Sex & The City Quotes You Need To Hear In Your 20’s

You’ll need a martini for this one.

16. “Destroy all pictures where he looks sexy and you look happy.”

As I mentioned before, NO f*ckboys during your prime so leave that stress in the past!

17. “Hi, I need something that will make a guy come in his pants as soon as he sees me.”

Um okay, this is just your alter ego quote because you’re a bad bitch honey.

18. “I’m only a bitch when bitches give me a reason to be one.”

Had to repost because this quote is essential girrrl.

19. “I will never be the woman with the perfect hair who can wear white and not spill on it.”

This quote is EVERYTHING! We are all not perfect and it’s a reminder: imperfection is beauty.

20. “When life gets this confusing, sometimes there’s only one thing to do- Attend a fabulous party.”

After a long day of PMSing and dealing with a horrific thing called responsibilities- drinks and your girlfriends will always be the answer. Cheers!