The Author of ‘Sex & The City’ Didn’t Want Carrie To End Up With Big

If you’re a true Sex & The City fan, you’ve seen all six seasons and both movies (even though the second one was just eh). You’ll know how many men Carrie Bradshaw has dated and how much she struggled trying to find, “the one.” I mean – she was left at the alter by Mr. Big.

But, somehow, these two still ended up together, because “true love conquers all.” But, I’m not sure I could personally forgive a man who embarrasses me that much by getting cold feet on our wedding day – sorry, friend.

Many people who love Sex & The City don’t realize that the series is actually based on a book – same title – by Candace Bushnell. Bushnell sold the rights to her book and although she had some say in the show – she didn’t have much.

Recently, she opened up in an interview with  The Guardian about her opinions on the shows’ ending and who Carrie ended up with. She admitted, actually, that if Carrie Bradshaw was in our world, she probably wouldn’t have ended up with Big.

“Well, I think, in real life, Carrie and Big wouldn’t have ended up together. But at that point the TV show had become so big. Viewers got so invested in the storyline of Carrie and Big that it became a bit like Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett.” 

She continued to say,

“They had become an iconic couple and women really related to it; they would say “I found my Mr Big” or “I just broke up with my Mr Big.” It became part of the lexicon. And when people are making a TV show, it’s show business, not show art, so at that point it was for the audience and we weren’t thinking about what the impact would be 10 years later.”

In all honesty – I wasn’t super thrilled that Carrie ended up with Big. Carrie, to me, was always this heroine of Sex & The City. She was the chic writer who got to write from home about her life – her thoughts on sex, life and dating – my dream. She had the best fashion, she went to the best places – she made mistakes in her life so gracefully. She was my dream girl.

She was fierce, though. In my eyes, Carrie was too fierce to chase a man who didn’t want to be with her. And, when Big decided he didn’t want to do the wedding “her way,” or live in the home “she liked,” she compromised and changed everything she obviously once wanted to appease him.

That’s not the Carrie I knew her to be.