6 Real Things That Happen When You Move Home After College

Because this doesn’t have to be the worst thing to happen, even if it might not be the most exciting.

5. That healthy lifestyle you want is very possible

So long are the days of frozen dinners and drinking seven days a week. You have now decided to practice self-control and your parents have reintroduced you to the lovely benefits of fresh food. With that and some extra time to workout (since every morning isn’t spent nursing your hangover), you’re already halfway there.

6. And last but not least, you get to save your money.

Long gone are the days where you thought about adding guac. Now you might even add two scoops. Your money is yours! You’re making it and it’s going straight to your pocket. Not to rent, or to a textbook you’ll never pick up – but to your pocket. You can save it, you can

You can save it, you can spend it. You can finally start a savings account or you can throw it all towards traveling with some friends. Either way, it’s yours and no ones asking you to give it up for the sake of having somewhere to live.

So yeah does moving home sound kind of like the first step backward? Yes. But does it have to be? Not in the slightest. Moving home might not be the most ideal, but sometimes that’s what life is giving you next and it’s really up to you on how you take the situation for yourself.