This Tiny “Game of Thrones” Detail Could Change Everything About Fighting The White Walkers

In the latest episode of Game of Thrones, “Beyond the Wall,” Jon Snow and his band of random brothers met face-to-face with the White Walker army beyond the wall. Obviously, they were met with way more men than they originally thought there would be and, it’s pretty damn scary.

Obviously, the Season Finale is going to be jam packed with battle scenes and a lot of drama – probably a sex scene between Jon Snow and Dany because everyone keeps f*cking asking for it,

But, there may be one thing that can change the game of the battle of the undead forever – and, it happened in Episode 6.

So – a lot went down in the episode involving Jon Snow, Dany, her dragons and the band of randoms that went beyond The Wall with Jon. The biggest thing to happen was obviously when The Night King threw an epic Hail Mary and hit Viserion (RIP), but, one small detail about the battle between Jon and the White Walkers is super important.

When Jon Snow was fighting with White Walkers in order to take one back to King’s Landing, one Reddit user pointed out we learned something vital to understanding how the Army of the Dead works:

Forget the Wight, the mission was worth it because… they found out that killing White Walkers kills all of the wights they had created. They don’t even necessarily have to target the Night King specifically; they could eat away at the normal White Walkers and make a dent in the army big enough to push the Night King back and perhaps eventually defeat him. That piece of information is worth a dragon in my opinion.

Basically, if a White Walker turned another few people into White Walkers, killing them will also kill all those they had turned – huge revelation. Obviously, it’s now going to come down to killing The Night King, who started the entire Army of the Dead.

Fingers crossed!