27 People Reveal The Harsh Reasons They’ve Completely Terminated A Friendship

Like romantic relationships, not all friendships last forever. Some friends come and go in your life, and, some stay. But, there are certain situations in which you cannot look at someone the same after they’ve done or said something that was completely and utterly wrong. Often times, when you lose respect for someone, it’s really hard to gain it back. Even worse, when you lose trust in someone, it’s nearly impossible to mend those fences. This AskReddit thread is living proof that not all friendships are meant to withstand the test of time.

1. weasel13:

She asked me to poke around in her husband’s life for proof that he was cheating. For months she asked me. I finally gave in.

Found proof… in process of gaining proof… husband started trying to hook up with me… save texts and email he had sent.

Showed everything to her… she called me a lying bitch and said I faked it all because I wanted to sleep with her husband.

Instantly dropped her as a friend. Don’t have time for crazy.

2. rlw0312:

Many years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, my sister found out she lost her baby at the same time. To keep my family from worrying about me and to give my sister time to emotionally heal, I decided to wait til the 12 week mark to tell my family.

I couldn’t keep the news to myself though, so I told three of my friends and told them to keep it a secret and why they needed to.

The 12 week mark rolls around and my parents say that they already know because one of my friends told them. I confront this friend, she denies it. Another friend who knew called her on her bullshit, so she finally admitted it. She said she thought my parents deserved to know and that I wouldn’t even have to keep a pregnancy a secret if I “weren’t such a slut who got pregnant only months into marriage”.

Then she went batshit, broke into the home of the friend who called her out and stole a ton of stuff. So she lost two friends that day. And from what people tell me, she’s been slowly losing the few she has left.

3. rumlova:

Had this one friend in university, we actually became good buddies, I went and spent Easter with his family and things like that. Well we had a rugby formal dinner, and as you’d imagine there was an open bar and people got messy. There was this girl who went, her date and her split up somewhere along the line, and she got really, really drunk. This friend of mine latched onto her, and she was too drunk to know where she was, I told him that it wasn’t a good idea to try and hook up with her given her state. He said “If I don’t hit it, someone else will”. Something like that. I ended up speaking with another girl who was a friend of mine at the dinner and had her take the girl home with her. I didn’t ever speak to that dude again.

4. ScienceAteMyKid:

“It’s probably best that she miscarried – I don’t think you guys should be having kids together.”

Good-fucking-bye, former best friend. Good-fucking-bye.

5. blarneyone:

A guy I had know for 3 years (all in college, met him as a freshman) and was a fraternity brother of mine texted me one morning with pictures of a drunk girl that had passed out in his fraternity room on his bed. “Selfies” of him grinning like an ass and groping her as she lay on his bed, passed out. Completely severed a 3 year friendship to the point where I couldn’t even talk to him, and he was only a few doors down the hall from me.

Told the girl the next day + showed her the pictures, spoke with the frat president and he and some of the other officers refused to allow my ex-friend to renew his lease for his room in the frat house.

The girl didn’t want to press charges, so I left it at that for her.

6. jaayyne:

One of my friends once insulted my sister, and I gave her a warning. She did it again a little while later and I got pissed and called her out. The next day at lunch (this was highschool) I invited my sister to come sit with us, and my sister sat in the place this girl usually sat. There was no room for her there any more and she had to go sit at another table.

No one talks shit about my sister.

7. TheFork101:

A few years back I had just gotten out of the hospital for an attempted suicide. I didn’t tell very many people, but I did tell one of my good friends at the time. For the majority of my first week out of the hospital, I remained very isolated, trying to get accustomed to my new surroundings again.

The first weekend, I woke up on a beautiful Saturday morning, unusually warm, and walked downstairs to where my parents were charging my phone (wasn’t allowed to have it at night. Made perfect sense). Checking the messages, I found a text from that very friend saying that she was going to kill herself, thank God for life insurance, and that she’d see me in Narnia.

Well, shit.

I jumped in my car and drove the five minutes it took to get to her place. Knocked on the door. Her mother answered (background: she and her mother didn’t have the most positive relationship). I explained that I was looking for her, but her mother explained that she was not currently in the house.

Well, shit.

I went out on a limb and told her mother the story and showed her the text. Her mother was legitimately concerned, and together we formed a list of where her daughter might be and went to those locations, one after the other. I didn’t find her on my list, so I went to another friend’s house to cool down and relax.

I remember my friend calling me. I immediately teared up, seeing her name on the screen, because I had been so worried about her. I answered the phone rejoicing that she was okay, oh my god, what happened–

“Can’t you take a fucking joke?”

I was confused. I said, “What do you mean?”

“For God’s sakes, ___, you’re a fucking idiot. Nobody fucking sends texts like that.” (I did.) “And you’re stupid for telling my mother, you’re stupid for hunting me down. You’re a terrible fucking friend, because now my mother is angry at me for all this, and it was all supposed to be a joke.”

I tried to explain my reasoning: “What if it hadn’t been a joke and I had done nothing? I couldn’t live with myself. You’re my friend, I wanted to help you!”

There was a pause.

If it hadn’t been over before, here was what ended it for me, forever:

“Well, you were stupid. But that’s fine. You’ve always been a bit slow on the uptake. That’s why you and I are friends, right? So I can teach you.”


“So, we’re good, right? I’m happy that you care about me. You were just stupid about it. I should teach you about jo-”

And I hung up.

She texted, emailed, called me, for the next month or so, first wondering why I had hung up, then calling me stupid, then wondering what was up. I deleted her from everything.

I never saw her that day in person and I will never see her again.

8. flubberskin:

Yes. Female friend found out she contracted herpes from her ex. Didn’t stop her from fucking new guys left and right.

When I asked her “Do you tell these guys about your herps?”

She goes “ah..they probably have it already..”

Shook my head and stopped talking to her. Fuck.

9. PrimeMinisterPemulis:

I am a strong agnostic with religious folk in my family. An atheist friend of over 20 years told me that religion has NO value to anyone. When I told him it helped my mother to face her death, he reiterated his stance. I asked him if his opinion was that important. He informed me his opinions were facts. End of friendship.

10. Myrelin:

Was at a bar with my usual group of buddies I play poker with (not anymore). My childhood friend dropped by, decided to play. Within an hour or so, she developed a crush on one of the guys, decided she wanted to hook up with him, cue blatant flirting. I shrugged it off, but after the game he pulled me aside to tell me he has zero interest in her- I told him I really don’t want to be the mediator between them.

We keep chatting, group re-assembles to continue to play. My girl friend gives me death stares every time I talk to her crush (we usually joke around/try to wind each other up while playing, not just him but all of us). Somehow, me being single came up (yes yes I’ll be like the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons, very funny).

Then my girl friend just goes: “Well, it’s no wonder she’s single, she was raped a couple of months ago.”

Few problems with that. 1.) Apart from close family, only about 4 people knew, her included,

2.) I was on SSRIs and sleeping pills at the time, due to the severe PTSD

3.) These guys were the first ones since my rape I felt relatively safe with. Guys who didn’t question why I didn’t drink, refused all invitqtions for one of them to walk me home, why I didn’t like physical contact, or why I dressed in baggy jeans and men’s sweaters. We just hung out and played poker.

4.) You never, ever say something like this. Ever.

That night was the last time I saw her. We became friends when I was 7, this happened when I was 20. Now I’m 26, and I don’t give a fuck about her. But I was angry for a long time. The guys started walking around on eggshells when I was there, so I just slowly dropped out of the group.

11. notdanytargaryen:

My SO at the time asked my BEST FRIEND for naked photos of her. She obliged and then requested some of him in return.

I had to pop over to her house to grab some of my stuff and I found the stacks of photos. Both hers and his.

She was living with her parents at the time, 18 but in high school. I gave the stack of photos to her dad as I walked out of the house. Never spoke to her again.

I understand that her parents went ballistic and she no longer speaks to my ex (neither do I) and she hasn’t apologized yet.

12. fosforesente:

I was in my first year of college and I had a best friend I met in highschool, whom I thought was the best person in the world. She was like the sister I never had (I’m an only child). We went to her boyfriend’s friend’s party and we smoked a little, drank a little. Nothing crazy, just enough to have a little buzz going. We played some music, sang along, talked about random things, ate some pizza and slowly the party began to die down. Out of nowhere her boyfriend’s friend starts trying to kiss me and I yelled no and pushed him off. He then proceeds to try to go further, and I’m swining and yelling no trying to push him off me again; meanwhile my “best friend” makes out with her boyfriend right next to us. I start asking for help and her boyfriend and her just keep making out and whatnot. I somehow was able to push the guy down on the ground. I kicked him in the stomach, grabed her car keys (she drove us to the party) and ran out of the area we were at. As I was looking for my purse I told her “I am leaving NOW, come or stay I don’t care I am taking your car home.” She decided to leave with me, and the stupid bitch still slept over at my house, and I don’t know why but the next morning while I was making myself breakfast I also made her something to eat. After that day, I never spoke to her again. She sent me a message at one point saying that I flirted with the guy at the begining of the party and so it was all my fault. Years later she sent another one apologizing but I would never speak to this person again.

13. reMUA:

Something to the extent of how I should’ve killed myself, that I was a whore and that me and my best friend’s families should’ve died in the Holocaust.

Bitch is crazy.

14. almondx:

I had friends in high school. When said friends started getting invited to parties, they never included me. One time they did and I was pumped. I went! Apparently – all my “Friends” had planned a sleep over at one of their houses. When the party was over, they said I was not invited and wouldn’t even take me home. That left my stranded on a fucking highway at 2 in the morning. I was a 16 year old girl.

Thanks guys. Real safe.

Fuck you.

15. thimbley:

in the span of two hours – blamed me for being raped. told me i was being “uncouth” for not being friends with my rapist/wanting him in our social group. would not leave or let me leave the bathroom we were in (literally barred the door with her body) until I agreed to go to a party with her because she “didn’t want to walk in alone.” stood with her arms crossed and watched me have a full blown panic attack. told me, “you’re being so selfish.” stood and watched me put on makeup to cover my red and splotchy, still hyperventilating face. walked into the party with me and promptly left me to talk to others.

16. CorvusFemina:

My ex and I had a mutual friend who came into town for a visit four weeks after the ex and I broke up. I was out of town; we were still living together, and the ex was still trying to get me to reconcile with her. They went out drinking and slept together. He was the only friend I had confided to about how hard the breakup was for me. /unfriend

17. Suckerpunched29:

heavy duty hit on my wife when we were separated…

He’s married with kids as well. Always knew he was low, but, that was it, I am out.

18. Cursethewind:

He made the “friendzone” excuse. Essentially blaming me for not wanting to have sex with or date him because he’s “such a nice guy.”

I don’t owe anybody sex for being nice to me. I never lead him on or anything. When he told me that I had to decide either losing a friendship or taking his virginity. I told him to fuck off.

19. zappy487:

The buying and distribution of heroin.

20. ivy1991:

I was around 15 and had this “friend”. Gave me a fake number of my crush and texted me. When I ask for a date or called there were always excuses. One day I called the number with another phone and she picked up. We had a nasty little bitch-fight and never talked again. This was when I’m 15 and I will never talk to her again – not even around 9 years later.

21. strange-brew:

My good friend got married and I was his best man. They invited my wife to be a bridesmaid. About a month before the wedding, my wife dropped the ball on providing a lavish bachelorette party, so my buddy’s fiance at the time started giving my wife a huge cold shoulder. She didn’t invite my wife to the hair/nail party or any other bride-related activities. My wife felt hurt by it and I asked him about it. He told me that she overestimated the level of their friendship and that they were not really friends. Needless to say my wife was devastated. We went to the wedding and I regurgitated the best man speech as well as I could. We left when the wedding was over and never spoke the them again. This was about 4 years ago.

22. soundphile:

My friend with very limited skills, education, and no reliability whatsoever became extremely angry at me for not recommending her when there was an opening at my office. She

  1. Is not qualified for the position.
  2. Does not have a car or any form of reliable transportation to get to the office (the closest bus stop is over a mile away, and she often posts on Facebook asking for change to purchase a bus pass anyway).
  3. Does not have a computer or internet connection at her house, both of which are required for the position.
  4. Has not been able to hold down a job for more than a month for the past year, and is about to be evicted from her house and phone turned off. She is not a reliable person, and recommending her for the position would put MY reputation on the line.

So, she found out about the opening from me referring a mutual friend who actually IS qualified. After confronting me about it over text, I [kindly] gave her all the reasons stated above as to why I didn’t refer her. This was 3 days before my wedding, mind you, and I was really excited about her being a part of my special day, because despite her failures as an adult, we WERE really good friends. All she said was, “I’m not going to make it to your wedding after all, since, you know, I don’t have a car.” Fuck that noise. It’s been almost a month and I have no intention of speaking to her again.

23. Anonymous:

“When people piss me off, I just sleep with people we agreed were off limits” and then she explained a situation in which she did so.

That did not make me interested in maintaining the friendship.

24. bamfbarber:

He said this to a large group of us while he was puking up pills in a park an ride after chugging a four loco. “Driving drunk is my favorite thing to do. I just get drunk to go drive like 3 days a week.” Never talked to him after that.

25. unstablereality:

I announced my wife and I were having a child. 90% of my friends skipped the “I’m gonna be a dad” cookout I threw (there were free burgers and beer and only 3 people showed up), stopped inviting me out to parties, and generally cut me out of the entire social circle. This was six months before the baby was born.

Apparently I ended the friendship(s) by growing up.

26. Alcodis:

Friend and coworker of mine for a few years all of a sudden was arrested for molesting his step daughter. All ties severed.

27. Kilen13:

A friend of mine told everyone that I had tried to break him and his gf up because I was jealous.

He’d been in that relationship for two weeks and I set them up. I was happily in a two year long relationship at the time.

I ditched him as a friend and everyone who believed him that had known me for years and thought I was capable of that.

Good riddance.